How To Be A Better Person In A Society That Only Encourages “To Have More.”

Society always encourages us to go for more. It seems that this is the mantra that flies over our lives and that comes from everywhere without realizing it. It gives the feeling that something is always missing: something more to demonstrate, something more to buy, something to add to the list, some place or situation that has to be reached, something more to achieve. But does it push us to be a better person?

1. Does The Company Push Us To Be Better Person?

The question should be whether that mantra (that of wanting more and more) is the one that predominates in our life, even if it is unconsciously, mildly or slightly suggestive. Do you always lack something? If so, then when are you going to rest? And I do not mean a physical rest, but mental and spiritual; When will the deserved inner stillness and the desired emotional calm come?

However, there is another type of “more” that we should not give up: to be a better person.  Continue learning, continue to improve our emotional quality, which is what determines our quality of life.

But it turns out that that’s where many people slow down, confirm or resign themselves to what they have or to the mythical phrase that I am like that, what we are going to do to them. It is in that aspect where we should never resign ourselves or conform ourselves. It is in our personal development, evolution, and improvement where we have to say more; I want to “be more, be a better person.”

2. Acceptance Vs. Resignation

Because acceptance is something, something necessary and fundamental in life, we must all accept ourselves despite imperfections, flaws, mistakes, insecurities, fears, and many other aspects that we can improve. From that point, we take off an unusable and heavy backpack full of emotional burdens and, from there, we can begin to grow.

Another thing very different is resigning, abandon, say what we are going to do, is that I am like this, is that I … That old story that we all tell … If you get to that point, then you have to say “more,” I want something more from life, something better from myself. This is where we do have to elevate our desires and our expectations, but before ourselves, not to anyone else.…