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Our club was created in 1948 by some hundred and forty fans who joined together to organize water sports in Almería, armed with the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of youth and driven by a great desire to do something good for them and

The tenacity put in the company led them to create in a few years a center of nautical activities and a meeting center for social, recreational and cultural initiatives, unique in Almería.

The first social building was erected in May of 1955 in the neighborhood of Pescadería, taking advantage of the remains of some ancient buildings for leprosarium, in the most dirty and run down area of Puerto de Almería, which years later the Club ended up becoming the most beautiful and caring frame of the Port of Almeria .

The first social building served the Club to win for two consecutive years the prestigious and now extinct ” Virgen del Carmen National Award ” for outstanding sports entities.

The tenacity put in that arduous task also served, and this is the most important thing, to get the respect of all Almeria to work done. This entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit placed in the company by the founders, continue to be the necessary pieces of the cultural heritage of the Club.